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With all the improvement in lawnmower design and style the Qualcast 1400 is created for the simplicity and storage space. One of the benefits of your Qualcast mower will be the price tag, less than £ 100. Qualcast figured it may be a great effect to utilize a new mower from Qualcast, consistent with the main garden. Operating out of Derby, Qualcast had proven themselves as being a top producer in lawn-mower manufacturing as far back as 1920 under its original Derwent Foundry Business name.

A History of the Qualcast logo

For a history of the Qualcast distinctive logo you need look back to 1973 when the Birmid-Qualcast group were at full swing and if you look at the Birmid-Qualcast emblem inside lower left-hand spot, with a quick glimpse this could seem to be an pointer going frontward but it’s really a somewhat intelligent mix of the Birmid trade mark the same shape as a diamond as well as the Qualcast, the first is the type of an elliptical.

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