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Car FM Transmitter

Car FM Transmitter

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Why buy

  1. Portable FM Transmitter
  2. Log on to available FM frequencies
  3. Perfect size
  4. Rechargeable Battery with Car Charger

Further information

Portable FM Transmitter

Turn your smart-phone or tablet in FM transmitter; you can enjoy a wide range of music through your car stereo system. The transmitter is simply and easily connects to your device via the 3.5mm jack, which can then be connected wireless to your car stereo system when you are travelling.

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FM Transmitter Car Audio FM Transmitter for iPhone 4, 5 and 6 Samsung Galaxy

Log on to any available FM frequencies

The Car FM audio Transmitter allows you to set you on any FM frequency available, giving you the freedom to choose the frequencies that give you the best sound quality. You can have lots of handy music from your ipod.

Car Audio FM Transmitter

Perfect size

The New End Users audio FM transmitter has been designed to be the ideal and essential travel accessory. Its ultra-portable and stylish design makes it perfect for use in the car, at home or outdoors. Wireless design allows you to use the car FM transmitter to transmit your music without worries. Once connected, the FM transmitter and your phone / tablet can be placed anywhere in the car, giving you the freedom to use your device and driving quietly.

CAR Audio FM MP3 RADIO TRANSMITTER for Android/iPod/iPad/iPhone 4 4S 5 5S 6/Galaxy S2 S3/HTC – 1 Fm

Rechargeable Battery with Car Charger

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, our FM audio Transmitter can run completely wireless. Here is a simple and effective way to play your music in the car or take a hands free call.

Included is a MicroUSB car charger, which can be used for fast charging of the transmitter or your smart-phone / tablet.

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Written by James Patterson


  • Micheal Drew says:

    Giving it 4 stars simply because of the lack of packaging, I expected it to be presented in a nice box, but it came in a simple bag with printed instructions. It does what you need it for, excellent sound quality for price. My last Wireless Car Transmitter which cost 3 times as much as this gave me no more sound quality. So simple to set up, although you need somewhere to mount your phone in order to stop it sliding around, perhaps you could do a package that would include this.

  • Russell says:

    My Bluetooth car kit is most effective and simp to sets up , all you need actually do will be put into your power plug and search from your car radio for an empty signal , my own Wireless bluetooth system matched up the actual empty frequency for the car radio immediately : and you’re ready to start.

    Provides excellent quality of sound and approximately at £10 it really is a good deal. I would personally highly recommend it for everybody who is looking for one example of these and is on a tight budget.

    Appearance is trendy also.

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