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iPhone 4 Box


An iPhone 4 empty box with new and unopened accessories – earphones, usb cable and charger, instructions and a sim pin. Ideal if you are refurbishing an iPhone 4.

Incredible unused box for your iPhone which is perfect to use a gift when buying a used iPhone 4; you may not be prepared to fork out £300 for a brand new iPhone 4, but you can certainly afford this low priced iPhone 4 box with new and unused accompaniments. It comes with all new, USB charge lead, plug and ear pods. The enclosed instructions and sim pin will definitely make a good second hand iPhone 4 look like new.


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Are you in the mobile phone repair business? If you are then these iPhone 4 empty box only are sure to be a hit with you. Get the best price for your resale in a well presented box with new accessory pack. Delivery is included.

This is iPhone 4 box packaging that comes with headphones, USB lead and charger suitable for 8/16/32/64 GB. There is no iPhone 4 inside the box. The box only comes with the accessories.

The accessories inside the box are brand new with USB lead and charger, unopened earphone. There is also a sim pin and a user manual. Suitable as a gift or anyone who is into phones repair and sales.

The above product description is only for customers' conveniences and there is no guarantee for its accuracy. If in doubt, please contact us for clarification before you place an order.

Additional information

iPhone 4 box only (no phone included)

iPhone 4 empty box

Inside the box

User manual, sim pin, USB cable and charger, earphone






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