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Sky Magic Eye Home // Sky Magic Eye

Sky Magic Eye

If you have Sky Digital TV why not install a magic eye to control other TV’s in your house. The TV Link Sky HD Magic Eye will allow you to be in control of the other TV’s in the house rather than running into the room with the Digi box to change channel. It’s extremely easy to set up


Sky TV Link

Sky TV Link

  1. Plug the magic eye into the aerial socket of the TV you want to control
  2. Switch sky on, you may have to tune your TV into the analogue signal
  3. Set the eye in a place that it can receive a signal from the Sky HD Controller
  4. And that it, use the remote to change your channel s from your other room

Now you can have a TV in every room and watch whatever and whenever you want. Simple… and at £4.99 or include a remote for £12.00 and you are set to go.


Written by James Patterson


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