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The iPhone 4S Features and Capabilities

The iPhone 4S Features and Capabilities

The iPhone 4S is on the whole very great. It comes with every one of the other iPhone capabilities aside from features like iOS8 and Siri. In any case, the iPhone 4S stands out amongst the most cost-effective smartphones available.

Large storage capabilities are part of the great features of iPhone 4S. It makes it possible for users to download photos, songs, and apps, with a lot of storage space left. The iPhone 4S is likewise astonishingly durable. All that the user needs to protect it is to use a back cover case.

Be that as it may, it is still very easy to drop it several times on surfaces ranging from hardwood to tile to concrete. Indeed, even at the hardest of falls on any of the surfaces, the worst that can happen to iPhone 4S is a scratch or an unnoticeable, minor, crack. This does not mean you should go smashing your iPhone 4S just to prove this point. This can only work when your phone drops accidentally.

4sHow smart is iPhone 4S?

The smartphones’ touch screen interaction and the internet capabilities are extraordinary improvements. What’s more, the iPhone 4S is an incredible smartphone, with many features that users would ever need in a smartphone and with affordable price. With everything taken into account, Apple iPhone 4S can be recommended for anybody searching for a practical, reliable smartphone.

The iPhone 4S is reviewed to be the best ever. Despite the fact that its features stay undisputed, many users are willing to say that it the best smartphone. Many users feel that selecting the right smartphone comes down to a matter of individual preference. One can get iPhone 4S in 8/16/32 GB capacities.

Some features of iPhone 4S

One of the most discussed iPhone 4S features is FaceTime video calling. This allows users to make face to face video calls with the VGA camera. This kind of feature is not a new one, yet experts confirm that Apple gets this right.

This is the first smartphone that allows reliable video calls with only a tap and with no set-up or sign-up. In any case, both users making the call must use an iPhone 4S or higher and FaceTime can only work on WiFi.

The iPhone 4S comes with new software, including a faster processor and more than a 100 new features. Multitasking is among the main features here, including folders for home screen app and a fast switching of apps. Be that as it may, it allows only seven apps to run at once.

iPhone 4S accessories

Earphones and headphones

Make the most of your music with clarity, flawlessly balanced sound and defined bass using iPhone 4S earphones. The headphones come in different colours, some with ear padded flexible headband for a remarkably comfortable fit. The iPhone 4S headphones isolate noise and are suitable to listen to music all day either on iPhone, iPod or iPad.

500x380iPhone 4S USB lead and charger

The iPhone 4S USB lead and charger can be used to charge or connect to the iPhone, iPod or iPad to your PC’s USB port or Apple USB power adaptor for effective charging and syncing from the outlet on the wall.

Screen protector

The iPhone 4S screen protector does not need any adjustment as it is so easy to fit. Users will have no problems with air bubbles. Using alcohol to wipe the screen before you apply is known to be the top secret. Ensure that iPhone 4S protector is compatible with your iPhone, however, this will plainly be clarified in the item description.

iPhone 4S cases

Spruce up your iPhone 4S with a comfortable and stylish case. There is a wide range of colours, so pick your favourite colour and put it over your iPhone edge. A beautifully designed case for iPhone 4S will add a touch of style to your smartphone.

Written by James Patterson


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