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TIVO Remotes Type 13

TIVO Remotes Type 13


This Tivo Remote is the most up-to-date remote circulated by Virgin Media which work with any TiVo and works with all HD & V+ boxes.

The Tivo Remote functions just as the original Tivo Remote that comes with your Virgin Media box. If you stick to the directions of the enclosed instructions to set up your TV functions you will be up and running in a few minutes. An inexpensive option our Virgin Tivo Remote Type 13 operates exactly the same as the original and is a lot cheaper.

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Virgin TIVO Remote Controls

Product description

What you will receive: replacement Virgin TIVO remote control.

This is a Virgin Media TiVO remote control, however, you will have to program the mute and the volume function with its code before they can work on your TV set.

Please read this:

For you to set this up, you will have to find the codes for your remote control. Visit the official virgin media website and search for remote control codes, visit the page and choose your remote photo and follow the instructions to get the code.

This remote looks exactly like the original, however, with this, you will need to retrieve and use the right code before you can control the mute and volume of your TV. It is very easy to set up and it is possible to turn on the standby on your TV as well


The above product description is only for customers' conveniences and there is no guarantee for its accuracy. If in doubt, please contact us for clarification before you place an order.

Additional information

Product specification





Virgin Media TiVo

Compatible with

V Plus digital box, all Virgin Media HD


1 year

Product type

Remote control

Battery type


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