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Get your 4 digit code here for SKY HD REMOTE version REV9

Put the make of you TV into the search box below and follow the instructions on the left to enable your SKY Remote control to operate the basic functions of your TV. This is a more comprehensive list of Brand and Models compared to the basic set-up instructions supplied with your SKY Remote.


Remote control setup Instructions:

Please select the Make of your TV in the search box above. If your TV is listed make a note of the 4 digit numbers, there may be more than one available. If there is you will need to keep trying the procedure below until your SKY HD Remote REV 9 operates the functions of your TV. Sky+ Remote Control Programming Process Keep to the stages underneath

  1. Cover the front of your Sky+ remote control and press the TV button.
  2. Press and hold the Select and red buttons at the same time on your remote till the red led light flashes twice
  3. Now put in the first set of four numbers displayed above for the make of your TV and press the select button. This will make the red led light flash another twice.
  4. Aim the Sky remote at the TV now and see if the code has operated the volume of your TV. If you are lucky this will operate the volume, if not you will need to start again with the next code.
  5. Carry on this procedure until one of the above codes operate your TV volume.