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skyhdremoteUniversal SKY HD remote control is a simple replacement remote. This is what many users think. In any case, if your birthday falls before the mid-80s, any technology that is as basic as a digital remote control will be a mystery.

There are many simple and universal remote controls that TV users can use, for example, Sky HD remote control that allows users to rewind, pause, record and so forth. It is not possible to fast forward any live programme on TV.

The controls on the universal SKY remote include volume, select, channel down, channel up, standby, arrows and so forth. There are also the record buttons features.

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Universal remote control is family friendly

You and your universal remote control should be great companions, as both of you will not be complete without each other. Your remote control cannot work without you and with it, you as the user will need to either sit or get off your couch to change the channel in order to watch the TV.

The SKY HD Remote Control is very much a robust and portable handset and is not easily damaged when dropped on the floor or tread on. In addition, as a family friendly technology, it has the ability to withstand little fingers pressing different buttons at once trying to change to different Disney channels. Continue reading “Sky Remotes” »

Sky Magic Eye

If you have Sky Digital TV why not install a magic eye to control other TV’s in your house. The TV Link Sky HD Magic Eye will allow you to be in control of the other TV’s in the house rather than running into the room with the Digi box to change channel. It’s extremely easy to set up


Continue reading “Sky Magic Eye” »

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